Corporate Overview

Launched in 1977, EHC is a privately owned Canadian company with more than 20 distribution locations around the world.

EHC’s Head Office in Canada developed the world’s first recyclable escalator handrail that features built-in antimicrobial properties and the ability to display custom graphics.

At our Engineered Polymer division in China, EHC develops custom urethane products for many industries including automotive.

To meet customer production and lead-time objectives, EHC relies on its world class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. EHC’s ERP system increases efficiency and improves service through controlled and accurate planning.

Our commitment to escalator safety and engineering excellence led to the development of D-Flector escalator safety brushes, a gentle reminder to passengers to avoid dangerous side-step entrapments.

EHC manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

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Mission Statement

Our enterprise, EHC GLOBAL, has identified its prime reason to exist as:
  • Generating prosperity for all: customers, owners and shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the (global) community
  • Living its deep-rooted passion for creating products and delivering service that are a reflection of excellence
  • Providing gainful, meaningful, and satisfying employment for all staff
  • Helping provide opportunities for those associated with us to pursue their self-betterment and their aspirations
  • Contributing towards making our world a better place

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