Prysmian Group completes the acquisition of EHC Global We are pleased to announce that Prysmian Group has closed on the acquisition of EHC Global, paving the way for the creation of the new Elevator and Escalator Business Unit. This is a very exciting strategic event for our global business partners, employees and industry stakeholders. Draka Elevator and EHC Global are both well-established, respected and highly compatible companies with nearly 80 years of combined experience and leadership in the global vertical transportation industry. Both organizations hold similar principles and values and share a common vision and passion for developing innovative and sustainable solutions that optimize safety, enhance value, and meet the most challenging demands of OEMs, designers, building owners, and facility managers. Stronger Together! Click to view press release LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization

LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization

UV-C technology has been proven to be effective against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses

Internal mount design eliminates risk of entrapment, damage caused by impact or vandalism, and obstruction of ingress and egress access

Built-in side reflectors ensure full coverage of handrail

Will not compromise structural integrity, performance or warranty of NT thermoplastic polyurethane or TufFlex rubber handrails when properly installed by a licensed technician

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NT ColourRail™

Available in standard and custom colours
High-gloss finish requires minimal maintenance
Tough surface withstands damage from vandalism and will not trap dirt or grease
Low-friction slider reduces noise and eliminates static electricity build-up
Shorter field splicing time compared to rubber
Permanent branding serves as motion and physical distancing indicators

Engineered to provide improved performance and enhanced safety, wayfinding, aesthetics, and brand activation on escalators and moving walks.

The NT+ Advantage


Antimicrobial Handrail Solution


Optional NT AMRail antimicrobial symbol is permanent and vandalism-resistant


Specialized formula is safe and inhibits the growth of bacteria on handrails

Available alongside all other NT Handrail solutions

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Daily Stopping Distance Check Sign Check Here



Polycarbonate cover
protects graphic

Available in label format

Standard and custom
configurations available

ADRail ADRail TM Diverse Solutions: Unrivaled Quick Installation & Easy Maintenance Safety Brushes. Read More about ADRrail Product Page Brand Rail



Brand Impact:


Permanent Handrail Branding Solutions.

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D Flector



Passenger Proximity:


Quick Installation & Easy Maintenance Safety Brushes.

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NT3000 Slides NT3000 TM Diverse Solutions: Unrivaled Quick Installation & Easy Maintenance Safety Brushes. Read More about DFlector Safety Brushes Product Page RiteLine TM Engineered Compounds: Proprietary Pick your choice of tread material to overcome any challenge with optimum balance between performance and durability! Rollers Read More about RiteLine Rollers Product Page SafeRail TM Passenger Safety: Priority Permanent Handrail Safety Solutions. Read More about RiteLine SafeRail Page TufFlex TM Structural Integrity: Unsurpassed Rubber Handrails Geared Toward Strength. Read More about RiteLine TufFlex Page QuickSplice TM Customer Savings: Guaranteed Fully Insured & Certified Technicians. Read More about RiteLine QuickSplice Page

Solutions. Passion. Commitment.

Since 1977, EHC Global has been creating products that are a reflection of excellence. We take great strides to set examples in sustainability. Ask us about recycling options.

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