Permanent Handrail Signage

NT SafeRail™

Handrail Safety Solutions

SafeRail handrails offer permanent safety signage solutions. Customers can select safety brands from a wide variety of preconfigured safety designs and messages, or design their own to meet local code requirements. Whether in busy transit systems, shopping malls, department stores or airports, SafeRail is sure to encourage safe and responsible escalator use.

Engineered For Performance

Our specialized equipment provides high resolution transfer of safety symbols or messages in any language.


Handrail Safety Solutions

EHC is the world leader in custom escalator handrails. Our MotionRail handrails offer customers comfort in providing helpful motion indicators to alert passengers, young and elderly, of the speed and direction of travel – ensuring safe escalator entry and exiting. MotionRail handrails offer customers comfort in providing helpful motion indicators to alert passengers, young and elderly, of the speed and direction of travel – ensuring safe escalator entry and exiting.

Shapes & Sizes

Customers can select indicators from a wide variety of preconfigured shapes and symbols, or design and submit their own.

Dynamic Handrail Signage



Imagine your company’s message in the hands of millions of consumers – in full, brilliant colour.

Where There’s Traffic, There’s ADRail

ADRail is a popular advertising medium in shopping malls, hotels, sports arenas, transit station and airports. When given an option, 80% of the public use escalators opposed to stairways, with an average duration of 30 seconds in transit. Studies have shown an impressive 54% of escalator passengers recalled the brand name advertised on ADRail.

Polyurethane Rollers


EHC manufactures hundreds of roller designs for a wide range of industry applications.

RiteLine™  rollers are manufactured using high-grade materials and are made available in your choice of polyurethane tread material to provide optimum balance between performance and durability.

  • UltraTred™ – Suitable for extreme applications
  • DuroTred™ – Suitable for heavy load applications
  • TruTred™ – Suitable for a wide range of general purpose applications
  • SofTred™ – Engineered to provide the comfort and vibration resistance of rubber

With our customization options, non-standard product requests are possible. See Custom Rollers…

Escalator Handrails


Thermoplastic urethane handrails provide diverse solutions for all of your custom requirements.

World’s Most Popular Escalator Handrail

NT3000 combines unique aesthetics, durability and ease of installation while being kind to the environment.

  • Easy to clean – no harsh solvents required
  • Superior vandalism resistance
  • Recyclable

NT AMRail™

Give passengers a sense of comfort knowing the handrails they hold are cleaner because they inhibit the growth of bacteria. Escalator handrails are often listed among the top surfaces where the public is directly exposed to germs and other harmful bacteria.

  • 70% of consumers stated they would be more likely to hold a handrail that was antimicrobial

EHC has specially selected an antimicrobial additive that is safe, effective and permanent for the life of the handrail. AMRail not only defends passengers, it prevents the accelerated growth of bacteria that can cause product deterioration.

Stop the spread of germs and bacteria: specify AMRail handrails on all of your escalators and moving walks.

NT ColourRail™

EHC is proud to be the only handrail manufacturer that offers an unlimited selection of custom colour handrail options. ColourRail is easy to clean and stays vibrant & glossy for the life of the handrail.

Custom Colours

Consider matching your new handrails with your surroundings, or to make the escalator and environment more appealing. More than ever, building owners are pushing the limits beyond black handrails and realizing the endless possibilities. Getting a custom colour handrail is as simple as sending EHC a colour swatch or Pantone or RAL number. Once we receive your desired colour, we will send you a thermoplastic urethane chip for approval.

360° Product Viewer



TufFlex handrails are constructed and designed for any application or environment.

Durable & Ozone Resistant

TufFlex withstands environmental exposure without cracking, and has an exceptionally high resistance to ozone. It’s flexible enough to bend through the most extreme drive systems, yet durable enough to endure the constant pressure of drive rollers.

Safety Brushes


Our flexible brush allows for quick installation and easy maintenance.

EHC’s D-Flector™ brush has been designed to stringent quality and safety specifications and is suited to a wide range of escalators and moving walks, meeting global escalator safety code requirements. D-Flector installs in less than half the time of other deflector devices because of its revolutionary, flexible brush spine. This flexible spine also allows for easy removal for regular maintenance of the escalator.

Custom Rollers


EHC offers a wide selection of polyurethane rollers for virtually any application. Work directly with our specialists to design or reproduce a roller that is specific to your needs and code requirements. One size does not fit all.

Ask us about custom rollers.

Industrial Applications

EHC produces rollers for chain manufacturers, beverage companies, automotive parts manufacturers, forklift manufacturers and service companies.

Engineered Polymers


EHC continues to expand in the development of other polyurethane products for various industries requiring optimum balance between durability and performance. Longevity and dimensional stability are fundamental features of our EP products that ensure reliability in operation.



Safety+ is an integrated solution and suite of products and services specifically designed to mitigate risk, meet safety code requirements (ASME A17.1, CSA B44, EN115), and promote safe and responsible use of escalators and moving walks. Please contact EHC to inquire about product and service availability in your area.  

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